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The Sacred Underground Film Festival

The Sacred Underground is a Texas-built, community-based film festival. Driven by a shared passion for creation and community, it embodies the grassroots spirit, turning the underground into a vibrant cultural movement. The festival embraces a wide array of genres—action, comedy, documentary, music video, stream of consciousness, suspense, and horror—reflecting the vibrant creativity of its community.

This festival is a testament to the power of artists and filmmakers, providing a platform where creativity thrives and connections are forged. Join in celebrating the ingenuity and diversity of this community as  the underground is brought to life.
Welcome to The Underground.


Regular Deadline: October 5, 2024
Notification Date: October 6, 2024
Event Date: October 17 – 20, 2024

The Sacred Underground highly encourages and values connecting with the broader film world, so they are reaching out to the Oklahoma film community. Their last festival featured an Oklahoma film, winning Best Cinematography for their film ‘Flowers’. They look forward to your submissions!

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