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Additional Extras Needed Soon for SARAH’S OIL

Several more needs for extras have been identified for background performers for the feature film SARAH’S OIL. Filming will be in the Bartlesville, and Okmulgee, Oklahoma areas. No experience is necessary.

Due to costuming restraints, the individuals need to be on the thinner side. Woman cannot be over a dress size of 12. Men’s waistlines, measured from the navel and not the hip, must be between 30-36 inches.

Pay is guaranteed at $140 for the day, not to exceed 12 hours. Anything over 12 hours incurs overtime pay. Additionally, those selected will be asked to attend a costume fitting in advance of filming. Fittings are in Tulsa, OK beginning Tuesday, and those selected will be compensated an additional $30 for the fitting. Fittings are expected to last about an hour.

Hotel and travel is NOT provided.

SARAH’S OIL is a major feature film by Kingdom Story, the people behind such films as I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, AMERICAN UNDERDOG and JESUS REVOLUTION. It is produced by Kevin Downes, John Shepherd and Zac Levy. The film was written by Betsy Giffen Nowrasteh and is being directed by

Cyrus Nowrasteh.

SYNOPSIS: In 1914 little Sarah Rector was granted a plot of dusty Oklahoma land, where she not only discovered an ocean of oil, but a rich vein of greed, corruption, violence, and betrayal that threatened her life and all she loved. Poor, and only 11-years-old, Sarah was pitted against the mightiest forces of the time, yet she prevailed with courage, family, friendship and faith to become the wealthiest Black girl in the world.


No visible tattoos on face, neck, hands or arms.

MEN: Men with facial hair must be willing to have it trimmed to period style. No modern haircuts.


JOHN D ROCKEFELLER LOOKALIKE – Caucasian male, 70s, resembling the man pictured at right. Thin build, gray hair. Must be available July 15-16 in Okmulgee, OK area. Works both days.

SURVEYOR – Caucasian male, 35-55. He is a land surveyor. Works June 28 in Bartlesville, OK area.

WIDOWS – Caucasian females, 35-60. Mourning the losses of their husbands. Works June 28 in Bartlesville, OK.

RED-FACED DRUNK – Caucasian male, 45-60. Works July 5 in Bartlesville, OK

FEMALE EMPLOYEE – Caucasian female, 21-40. Works in an office in a big corporate building. Works July 5 in Bartlesville, OK.

CAFE WAITRESS – Caucasian female, 19-40. Works July 10 in Okmulgee, OK area.

FASHIONABLE LADIES – Caucasian females, 20-40. Ladies of high fashion. Works July 11 in Okmulgee, OK.

OIL COMPANY REPS – Caucasian males, 30-50. Businessmen. Works July 15 in Okmulgee, OK area.



Failure to follow the instructions will likely result in your submission being lost, mis-filed or accidentally deleted.

  • Email two photos to the casting office. A head and shoulders and a full body shot.
  • Include all contact information including:




-CITY/STATE of residence


Men: Suit, Jacket, Shirt (neck and sleeve), Pants (waist and inseam). Waist must be measured from the navel.

Women: Numerical Dress size, measurements (bust, waist, hips). Due to period clothing, production cannot fit someone over a dress size 12.

-Make the subject heading of your email: SO – ROCKEFELLER

-Send the email to

(If you do not send to the email address listed, your submission WILL NOT BE SEEN.)

-If you are selected for the project, you will be contacted by email. Check emails regularly.


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