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Red Carpet Film Festival Short Films Now Casting

Freihofer Casting is once again partnering with the film students at the Moore-Norman Technology Center and will host virtual auditions for all student films that will eventually screen at the Red Carpet Film Festival in the spring of 2024. It is the 10th year the casting office has provided services for the event.

The seven films selected for production were greenlit after a pitch process with a panel of professional filmmakers. Each film will shoot for up to five days, in either a morning session (10:00 am – 12:00 pm) or an afternoon session (2:00-4:00 pm).

There is no pay to appear in the film, but each actor will be provided a copy of the film for demo reel purposes, and two tickets to the Red Carpet Film Festival, where all films will screen. 

“Actors have great experience working with these students,” said casting director Chris Freihofer. “It is not only an opportunity for actors to lend their talents to the projects to tomorrow’s filmmakers, but they also get great-looking footage for their reels.

Each film shoots for one week, Monday-Friday, during school hours, and only for a few hours each day.



Filming Mornings, Feb. 26-March 1

SYNOPSIS: Ellie’s Dad has kept the family stuck in the house to protect them from an infection that destroyed the outside world. However, when her mom suddenly falls ill, Ellie begins to question her dad and the true nature of the infection.


ELLE – mid-teens. A compliant daughter who has not been locked in her house for a few years. An artist who begins to suspect the true nature of the “infection.”

BRYAN– 40-50. Ellie’s Dad. The headstrong leader of the family. A family man. While he truly believes that his family is in danger, in reality, it is all in his head.

Elena – 40-50. Ellie’s Mom. Trusting, loyal. The ideal of the All-American wife who believes in her husband all the way to the end.


Filming: Afternoons, Feb. 26-March 1

SYNOPSIS: When a self-destructive, obsessive director meets an easygoing, stress-free actress, it makes him re-evaluate his film and his outlook on life.


SAMUEL – 30-40. Semi-neurotic, passionate, and demanding, Samuel is not easy to work with. He respects Claire’s self-confidence, which gradually inspires him to be less critical of himself. He learns to embrace failure.

CLAIRE – mid-20s-30s. Self-confident and graceful, Claire commands attention. She pushes Samuel’s ideas of perfection in ways that other people cannot.

NATHAN – 40-60. Stern and sarcastic, Nathan has no tolerance for Samuel’s insistence on perfection.


Filming: Mornings, March 4-8

SYNOPSIS: Evelyn, a young author, loves spending time with her main character, Lucas, whom she has become extremely close to. But as the demons of her past haunt her, she finds herself falling for him, and must choose between getting caught up in a fantasy or letting him go.

EVELYN– Early 20s. A passionate writer with a knack for sarcastic commentary, especially when bantering with Lucas. But below her smiling façade lies a broken heart as she tries to ignore a past relationship that has left her traumatized.

LUCAS – Early 20s. Charismatic and handsome, Lucas is the epitome of an adventure hero. He is the main character in Evelyn’s adventure novel. A figment of imagination, he physically manifests whenever he and Evelyn hang out. He cares deeply for Evelyn and pushes her to face her past.

RAE– Early 20s. Loyal and caring, she is Evelyn’s extroverted best friend. When contact is cut between them, she confronts Evelyn to pull her out of the confines of her house.


Filming: Afternoons, March 4-8

SYNOPSIS: Roy is alone in this world except for the undead he spends his days with until Lana, a lonely survivor, questions his way of life and pushes him out of his comfort zone.

ROY – late teens to early 20s. Quiet around people but talks to himself. Caring, kind, shut off to the world. He creates his own fantasy world and must be shoved out of it.

LANA – late teens to early 20s. Forceful, honest, and blunt. Lana is eager to make a human connection, so she wants Roy to join her in the real world.


Filming: Mornings, March 25-29

SYNOPSIS: John, an 18-year-old draft dodger, travels through El Paso to evade the oncoming draft when suddenly he’s forced to make a stop at a supernatural gas station. John gets advice from Tom about being his own man.


JOHN – late teens to mid 20s. John is skittish, nervous, emotionally unstable, and anxious. He sees manifestations of his dead brother who belittles him to the point of insanity.

TOM – 50-70. Patriotic war veteran who is confined to a wheelchair. He is outgoing and assertive while also kind to his visitor.

JACKIE – mid to late 20s. John’s older brother. Jackie served in the war. He loathes John and tries to push him over the edge.


Filming: Afternoons, March 25-29

SYNOPSIS: A 10-year-old immigrant from Oaxaca learns to embrace her culture and herself after facing racism and bullying.


CITALLI– 8-13 years old. Spanish speaking. Mexican Indigenous features. Citlalli is quiet and obedient, a people pleaser. But she has strength in her heart.

RAYMUNDO – 35-45. Spanish speaking. Father of Citlalli. Sweet and loving, he wants Citlalli to be comfortable and happy.

FIDELA – 30-40. Spanish speaking. Mother of Citlalli. Strict but caring. She is protective of Citlalli.

MR.S ARANA – 30-50. Spanish speaking, but not necessarily native. Loving, kind, and humble. She helps Citlalli be proud of her culture and become self-confident in her new life.


Filming: Mornings, April 1-5

SYNOPSIS: A sitcom character knows she’s repeating the same scene over and over again and tries to escape with constant intervention from a mysterious director. Maya realizes the only way to end the torment is to Take the director’s power for herself.


MAYA – 20-30. Maya is broken by the constant loops of the scene she is in, but she has an indomitable spirit and a willingness to get her hands dirty.

DIRECTOR – 30-70. Only seen in shadows and silhouette. Grandiose, powerful, with a presence that takes up the entire scene. The Director just wants his sitcom to be popular with the audience.

JOHN – 20-40. Smarmy sitcom character who has no clue that he is in a loop of the same scene.

TATE – 20-40. A Ron Swanson-type. Has no clue that the loop is going on. Facial hair/mustache preferred.


Filming: Afternoons, April 1-5

SYNOPSIS: Perpetually unlucky Oscar resorts to using a cheap exorcism service. These two grifters are about to find out how nasty bad luck can really be when their ritual angers the entity that possesses Oscar.


OSCAR – Mid-20s-40. Defeated loner Oscar has been pushed around his whole life. Every day is a bad day, and he’s had enough.

GRAHAM – 40-60. Ex-priest Graham has been estranged from the church for years. He uses his skills from the seminary to con believers and take their money. Reluctantly works with his cousin Tony.

TONY – 40-50. Dimwitted Tony still sees himself as the successful high school athlete he once was. Short-tempered, he doesn’t believe in the paranormal but is willing to play along for quick cash.



Failure to follow the instructions will likely result in your submission being lost, mis-filed or accidentally deleted.

– Email a headshot and resume or any acting experience to the casting office. 

– Include all contact information including:




-CITY/STATE of residence

-Make the subject heading of your email: RC – (Name of Film) -(Name of Role) Example: RC – Dodger – Tom

-Send the email to

(If you do not send to the email address listed, your submission WILL NOT BE SEEN.)

-If you are selected to audition for the project, you will be contacted by email. Check emails regularly.


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