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Feature Film


Producer: David Kloehr, Brandon Thomas, & David Campbell

Director: David Kloehr, Brandon Thomas

Writer: David Kloehr, Brandon Thomas

Casting Director: Chris Freihofer

Audition Date(s): ASAP – SELF TAPE ONLY

Shoot Date(s): July 29 – August 24, 2024

Rate of Pay: Varied by role. All roles local hire to Tulsa, OK

Location: Tulsa, OK


 Desperate to get back to New York, Rachel Carver strikes a deal with her family’s sworn enemy, business superstar Jacob Rush. However, their families’ bitter rivalry threatens to derail everything.


 Budding New York financial analyst Rachel Carver, watches as her dream job is ripped from her grasp by a massive scandal. With no one willing to hire her, she reluctantly moves home to work for her manipulative father, Mason Carver of Carver Capital.

Meanwhile, business superstar Jacob Rush faces the crashing stock prices of his company, Rush Toys, after a plan of his goes awry. Jacob’s father, Isaac, gives Jacob one last chance to fix the problem. Jacob swears to do whatever it takes to turn this around.

Seeing their desperation, Mason decides to strike against his enemy Isaac. He employs Rachel to get a deal with Jacob to finally prove his dominance over Isaac, once and for all. Rachel agrees on one condition: a guaranteed job for her back in New York.

With no other options, Jacob goes behind his father’s back and agrees to work with Rachel. After a rocky start, Jacob and Rachel find working together is surprisingly effective. Yet, as their partnership quickly blossoms into an unexpected romance, new pressures arise. Jacob’s jealous brother, Dom, works to expose Jacob’s secrets to his father. At the same time, Leah, Rachel’s love obsessed sister, decides to finally pursue her longtime crush, who just so happens to be Jacob.

Can Jacob and Rachel’s relationships survive the pressures of their families? And will Mason’s hidden agenda end up destroying everything they’ve worked for?


[LEAH CARVER] 21 to 28 years old, White woman. Rachel’s bubbly sister, who admits that she’s in love with Jacob. Unbeknownst to Leah, Jacob is in love with Rachel and Rachel is starting to have feelings for him as well. MAJOR SUPPORTING, $350/Day +10% Agent commission

[DOM RUSH] 30 to 40 years old, White man. Jacob’s very competitive and accusing brother. He has his own plans run the company, and tries either impress his dad with his ideas or tear down Jacob, whichever comes first. MAJOR SUPPORTING $350/Day + 10% agent commission

[MASON CARVER] 50 to 65 years old, White man. Rachel’s father. Seeing the news about Rush Toys, Mason realizes it is finally time to prove his dominance over Isaac, his mortal enemy. He forces Rachel to get a deal with Jacob Rush behind Isaac’s back. Rachel obliges, seeing that this is her one shot to get back to New York. Rachel and Jacob agree to work together right as Mason and Isaac’s rivalry flares into a full-on brawl. In the heat of their feud, Mason decides to use the deal to steal Rush Toys instead. MAJOR SUPPORTING $350/day +10% agent commission.

[AARON] 18 to 22 years old, all ethnicities man. A 16-year-old Super-Fan of Jacob’s. He has studied Jacob’s every move as a toymaker, and worships him. He interviews him with his camcorder at every chance he gets, and is always thrilled to be in his presence. A total fan-boy. SUPPORTING. $275/day +10% agent commission

[ALEXANDER] 22 to 30 years old, White man. Mason’s muscular, tank top-wearing slob. He is Mason’s slow-witted enforcer, ready to go to battle against all foes. SUPPORTING. $275/day +10% agent commission

[WILLIAM] 60 to 70 years old, all ethnicities man. A stuck-up billionaire, the owner of Kingsley Enterprises. He is cold, all-business and ruthless. That is, until an event shakes him up, causing him to rethink how he treats people. SUPPORTING. $275/day +10%

[KAREN] 35 to 45 years old, all ethnicities woman. A well-meaning Mom, who asks Dom to take a picture of her and her family. Again, and again, and again. 2 Scenes, 12 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission

[BRADLEY] 40 to 50 years old, all ethnicities man. A smartly-dressed businessman and former employer of Rachel’s. He stands a little too close to her when she runs into him after a meeting, but he is able to woo her to consider working for him again. 4 Scenes, 12 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission

[NATALIE] 20 to 30 years old, all ethnicities woman. William’s executive assistant. She’s not great at electronics, and awkwardly stumbles through the tech at meetings. She is capable of much more, but right now, she’s just trying not to get fired. 6 scenes, 9 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission

[RICK] 55 to 65 years old, all ethnicities man. A rigid, by-the-book board member. His only concern is the bottom line and what makes the best business sense. 3 Scenes, 10 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission

[JERRY] 30 to 35 years old, all ethnicities man. An energetic employee at the office. One of those guys that sucks up and makes jokes that no one laughs at. He celebrates his 32nd birthday in the office and is awarded a cake, that no one enjoys. 2 Scenes, 3 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission.

[BERNARD] 65 to 80 years old, all ethnicities man. A regal Artistic Director of a prestigious community theater. He is devoted Shakespeare, and probably has an affected Mid-Atlantic accent. 1 scene, 8 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission

[CYNTHIA] 55 to 65 years old, all ethnicities woman. A pantsuit-wearing woman who bumps into Jacob while in line at a coffee shop. There is obviously a history here, and Jacob hits her up as a potential investor to save the company. She informs him that she would consider it, under the condition of his resignation. 1 Scene, 8 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission

[NICKY] 25 to 40 years old, all ethnicities woman. A sharp, smartly-dressed business woman. She informs Rachel that due to the scandal, she did not forward Rachel’s resume to the hiring manager. It just wouldn’t look good for the company. 1 scene, 4 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission

[JOSH] 18 to 22 years old, all ethnicities man. He is a fanboy of Jacob, so excited to meet him in the flesh. 1 Scene, 2 Lines. $275/day +10% agent commission

[ERIC] 25 to 35 years old, all ethnicities man. Leah’s former boyfriend–a romantic businessman– still smitten by her. He just wants one more chance. 1 Scene, 4 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission

[DENISE] 35 to 50 years old, all ethnicities woman. She is the queen of HR and head of the party planning committee, blushing at the compliments of a job well done. However, when she realizes she is on a sinking ship, she sheepishly turns in her resignation. 2 Scenes, 4 lines. $275/day +10% agent commission



Failure to follow the instructions will likely result in your submission being lost, mis-filed or accidentally deleted.

– Email a photo and resume, or a listing of acting experience, to the casting office.

– Include all contact information including:




-CITY/STATE of residence

-Make the subject heading of your email: WHATEVER – (Name of Role). Example: WHATEVER – Leah

-Send the email to

(If you do not send to the email address listed, your submission WILL NOT BE SEEN.)

-If you are selected to audition for the project, you will be contacted by email. Check emails regularly.


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