Freestyle Creative

Creativity has been a part of Freestyle Creative’s DNA since they were founded in 2007. Are you an open-minded, enthusiastic, motivated learner who likes collaborating with other young professionals? If that’s you, Freestyle Creative might be your next move. They’re committed to giving you real-life experiences necessary to take the next step towards your career. Learn more about life as a Freestyler and what this industry has to offer. Freestyle Creative offers Spring, Summer and… Continue Reading Freestyle Creative

Freihofer Casting

Freihofer Casting, the leading casting office in the state of Oklahoma, accepts submissions for interns to work in the casting office three times per year, corresponding with college semesters:  January- May, May-August and August-December. Many of our former interns currently work in production for various companies like MTV, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Disney, MGM and more.  Some have gone on to work as assistants and associates for Casting Directors in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Austin.… Continue Reading Freihofer Casting

deadCenter Film Festival

deadCenter works with more than 400 volunteers to create our fabulous festival. From Box Office to Transportation to Technology, there is a volunteer opportunity that is just right for you! deadCenter is more than just a film festival. We work year-round to promote, celebrate, and encourage independent film statewide through screenings, events, and our education program. But, we wouldn’t be able to do it without our amazing volunteers! For more information and to volunteer, visit… Continue Reading deadCenter Film Festival