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Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Program

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An initiative of the Oklahoma Film + Music Office, the Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Program works to educate and assist communities with readying themselves for incoming film and television productions through workshops as well as a three-step certification program which offers “film friendly” designation to communities who elect to participate in the process and promote themselves to the state’s booming entertainment industry.

Need more info? Want to request a Film Friendly workshop for your community? Contact Yousef Kazemi, Outreach + Production Manager, at

Apply Now

If your community has completed the requirements of the Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Program and would like to apply for official certification, click below to complete the final application.

Certified Communities

Permit & Agreement Samples

Having a film permit will help bring crucial infrastructure and process to your city, which will better serve your community as Oklahoma’s film and television industry continues to grow. For example, larger film productions may wish to close a street a certain time, change signage on buildings or bring a large number of production vehicles or extras to a city business or residential area. This may require additional permissions from the police or fire chief, city manager or parks department. Smaller productions such as docu-series may simply want to get b-roll (scenic imagery) of your downtown or parks without interrupting day-to-day activities.

A locations permit will not only provide a method to record all logistical intake information, but also additional details related to production insurance, location fees (if applicable) and more. In some cases, a production may also have a locations agreement in which they want a representative from the city to sign-off/authenticate. This is industry standard and should be reviewed by the city’s legal department before signing. This is an example of a location permit.

Location contracts explaining the details of the shoot, including the agreed-upon location fees, liability insurance (covered by production) and how damage will be addressed should any occur (a rarity, but important to note as should be covered by production), are entered into by the location’s manager or film producer and the property owner. In some cases, a locations contract may need to be approved by your community or city leadership.

Share Your Location

The importance of having your community’s locations represented in the Oklahoma Locations Directory is essential to becoming a certified Oklahoma Film Friendly Community and marketing your area as a viable option for film and television production in the state. If you’re ready to upload your locations in your area, click the link below to create your location profile and directly upload your photos to the Oklahoma Locations Directory.

Local Film Offices

Beyond our certified communities, Oklahoma has four local film offices.

Cherokee Nation Film Office
Phone: (918) 384-7478

El Reno TV & Film Commission
Phone: (405) 262-4070 / (405) 262-9618

OKC Film & Creative Industries
Phone: (405) 297-8975

Shawnee Film and Music Office
Phone: (405) 275-9780 / (405) 317-1993

Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture

Film Friendly Guide

Our Film Friendly Community Guide includes everything you might want to know about Oklahoma’s film industry and the importance of becoming a Film Friendly Certified Community.

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