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Certified Soundstage Application

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Certified Soundstage Application

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To be approved as a certified soundstage, the soundstage must be listed in both the Film Support Services Directory and the Locations Directory. Once those listings are created, please copy and paste the URL to each listing below.

If you have not yet created these profiles, please use the links below:

Locations Directory
Support Services Directory


Certified Soundstage Requirements:

(a) A facility may be considered a State Certified Industry Standard Soundstage Facility (State Certified Soundstage Facility), if a building, or complex of buildings, building improvements and associated back-lot facilities on a property meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Multiple Productions are, or are intended to be, regularly produced at the facility throughout the year;
  2. The primary revenue source for such a facility is from industry Productions and ancillary services to such productions;
  3. The facility is marketed and made available to third party productions planning to rent such facility and the facility is able to be listed on the OFMO website for such rental;
  4. The facility provides additional industry specific on-site services and amenities for third party Productions;
  5. The facility contains at least 7,500 sq. feet of combined and dedicated studio space which: (A) Features acoustically treated walls; (B) Achieves a noise criterion rating of 30 or better (C) Has a height of at least 15 feet and; (D) Is equipped with sufficient heating and air conditioning for filming without the need for supplemental units (but supplemental units may be used) (E) Otherwise meets the criteria for a qualified soundstage facility as defined in the Act.
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