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Music Artist March 2017, Casey and Minna

Music Artists for March 2017: Casey & Minna

Since 2011, Oklahoma City band Casey & Minna have delivered a happy folk-fiddle style with strong rhythms, pretty melodies and a splash of singing. In 2015, Casey & Minna became a family band with the fantastic addition of thirteen year old son August on tin whistle. (When he’s not in school!) They play folk tunes from around the world and home, plus contemporary pop, oldies and original music. Songs interpreted in creative ways, improvisation, and solid musicianship make listening fun. Like Duke Ellington said, “If it sounds good, it is good”.

Years ago, Casey Friedman and Minna Biggs fell in love and combined musical forces, but their love for music goes further back, winding its path through elementary school talent shows, garage bands, stage-hand work and recording studios. They began their musical journey together as a raucous big string band and whittled it down to just the family, often playing unplugged and strolling to meet the needs of venues, audiences and themselves.

They are featured musicians with an original song in the movie “Rudderless”, which was produced by William H. Macy and utilized the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program. Casey & Minna perform regionally at art spaces, festivals, trade shows, senior living homes, pubs, grocery stores, weddings and private parties.

They are currently searching for the right recording studios for their stock-pile of original material: nostalgic Christmas tunes, a tribute to Minna’s Grandma who ran a junkyard, love ballads, odes to friendship and ufo sightings.

“We’re here to make people feel something, remember something. Inspiring a child to love music, moving the elderly to dance, firing up the soul of a young person; Eureka! On the other hand, we’re content to liven up the atmosphere so people feel friendly. We’re happy to be here, doing this thing, every moment, every gig,” agreed Casey & Minna.

For more information and to hear her music, please visit Casey & Minna’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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