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Upon completion of the Production and requirements herein, the Production Company will submit a Final Application.

Submitting a Final Application does not guarantee approval. OFMO will approve or disapprove of all claims within 60 calendar days of receipt of a properly completed Final Application.

If a Final Application or Rebate Claim is denied, Production Companies may attempt to correct any discrepancies or problems and resubmit within thirty (30) days of denial.

Once a Final Application is approved by OFMO, Amendments are not allowed; The Production Company will work with OFMO to establish a vendor ID with the State.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission shall, upon notification of approval from the OFMO, issue payment for all approved claims, subject to any Fiscal Year Maximum imposed by statute and any other agreements that the Production and OFMO have agreed to in writing in the case that the Production is a High-Impact Production.

Applicants are able to save unfinished work up to 30 days after beginning the application.

Final Rebate Form - Oklahoma Film & Music