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Oklahoma Film + Music Conference: Virtual Preview

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Pivotal Work: Early Access Series

With the “Pivotal Work: Early Access Video Series”, the Oklahoma Film + Music Office invites audiences to preview the valuable educational panels and discussions typically featured at OF+MO hosted or sponsored events, like our Oklahoma Film and Music Conference. Join some of the state’s leading industry professionals for this free video series, which features workshops and discussions designed to educate and inspire audiences seeking to learn more about career opportunities within Oklahoma’s film and music industries. The “Pivotal Work: Early Access Series” launched in December 2020 with subsequent monthly video releases through March 2021.

“The Pivotal Work: Early Access Series” was safely recorded with social distancing measures in place at Del City’s Castle Row Studios with production company Visual Brain. The series will be available to watch for free on OF+MO’s YouTube channel. Subscribe to our emails here or follow us on social media (@okfilmmusic) for date announcements.

With the “Pivotal Work: Early Access Series”, OF+MO celebrates the strength of our state’s film and music industry, which has been impacted by a year that has seen unimaginable challenges. Even so, Oklahoma’s skilled film and music workforce, growing infrastructure and critical resources have risen to the occasion to meet the evolving nature of these industries that now more than ever rely on this pivotal work to move forward and continue the state’s upward trajectory. Oklahoma’s film and television industry continues to grow with the state welcoming one of the first SAG-approved productions in May 2020 when its economy reopened. At that time, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt declared the motion picture and recording industries an essential businesses in the state at that time, helping avert future potential shutdowns in these sectors. Oklahoma has since hosted over 20 film and television productions with nearly a dozen more projects launching between now and Spring 2021.

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Pivotal Work: Episode One

“Making Music Videos in Oklahoma” features award-winning filmmakers and musicians, including Reagan Elkins, Founder of Intellego Media; and Maggie McClure and Shane Henry of Americana band The Imaginaries. Learn more about the music video production process and how musicians and filmmakers collaborate when their mediums visually intersect from this trio who has developed multiple projects together, including videos for The Imaginaries’ latest singles “Walking On A Wire”, which was filmed at Little Sahara and Gloss Mountain State Park, and “Hometown Christmas”, which was made in Chickasha. This panel is moderated by Yousef Kazemi, Outreach and Production Manager with the Oklahoma Film + Music Office.

Pivotal Work: Episode Two

“Music PROS in Oklahoma: Putting Your Creativity to Work” encompasses career discussions and perspectives from the music business, performance and production sectors with guest panelists Ali Harter (Musician/Artist/Momtrepeneur), Dustin Edward Howard (Composer/Songwriter) and Graham Colton (Musician/Entrepreneur). This panel is moderated by Krystal Yoseph (Konjo Concepts).

Pivotal Work: Episode Three

“Building Hollywood in Oklahoma” takes a deep dive into production and art design in film and television, highlighting specific trades and skills associated within each department with guest panelists Beka Bell (Production Designer/Art Director), Cyearah Hoursey (Prop Master) and Kaitlyn Shelby (Production Designer/Prop Master). This panel is moderated by Sean Lynch (Production Designer/Digital Cinema Instructor, Oklahoma City Community College).

Pivotal Work: Episode Four

Pitch-A-Thon Roadshow is a first of its kind collaboration between Denver-based SeriesFest and the Oklahoma Film + Music Office, which gave content creators the opportunity to participate in an exclusive virtual pitch session highlighting the state of Oklahoma with top television, new media and digital executives in hopes of moving their project forward.