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Cait Brasel | camera op

Film Artist for January 2019: Cait Brasel

Cait Brasel has been an active member of the Oklahoma film scene for ten years. A graduate from the Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) film school, she has worked as a camera operator and 2nd assistant camera operator on numerous feature films over the years including the recent films “Dawnseeker”, “Deadly Romance” and “Stuck Out Of Love”, all of which utilized the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program.

Brasel is the creator of a web series on Youtube called “P(r)etty Girls” (the ‘R’ is silent), which is lined up for 12 more episodes set to start release mid-2019. She was one of the five writers/directors on the first MONO anthology film, which raised over $2,000 for a local charity in January 2018.

Brasel, along with partner Jonathan Shahan, own and operate a production company called Deep Focus Creative. Together they make commercials, music videos, non-profit videos, short and feature length films. Currently, the duo are in pre-production for their own independent feature film, as well as gearing up for distribution and festival runs with their full-length documentary covering Francis Ford Coppola’s live cinema project, “Distant Vision”.

Also an award-winning actor, Brasel recently wrapped a leading role in the sci-fi feature film “Robot Riot”, which will be released late 2019.

“Oklahoma has a huge heart, and that’s definitely embodied by the accommodating locations as well as the talented cast and crew!” said Brasel. “I love seeing local artists come together and support each other. It’s a great place to learn and grow as a filmmaker, as an actor and as a person. When I’m working crew on a film here, my crew members quickly become more like family than co-workers. And when I’m running the show, that doesn’t change.” She continues, “I think we all know this community is a special place – we are all so lucky we get to work in this business, right here at home. I’m excited by how much the Oklahoma film industry continues to grow. I can’t wait to see where we are in another ten years!”

For more information, please visit Cait Brasel’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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