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Featured Business June 2021

Featured Business for June 2021: Reride Animal Talent

After six years as an Airborne Paratrooper, Dan “Reride” Smith left the Army to pursue a career in rodeo, earning three circuit championships in saddle bronc riding. He was given the nick name “Reride”, which has stuck to this day.

While living on his ranch in Idaho, Smith was offered a wrangling job in 2015 on WGN’s award-winning episodic series “Underground”. His years of developing a skill set applicable to the needs of working with animals on-set introduced Smith to wrangling, acting and stunt performance.

Smith’s work on the next two productions that followed, “The Tale” with Laura Dern and “Logan” with Hugh Jackman, gave him further set experience, additional knowledge of film making and the incentive to obtain his USDA animal handler’s license. Soon after, Smith began plans to begin his own business – Reride Animal Talent.

While coordinating animals on productions throughout the country, Smith saw a significant increase on projects in Oklahoma that required his skills and services, including “Minari”, “Stillwater”, “Impropriety”, “Unplugging”, and “Reservation Dogs”. It was clear to Smith that Oklahoma was where Reride Animal Talent, LLC, needed to base.

At present, Reride Animal Talent is coordinating on the feature film “Killers of the Flower Moon” along with most of the original wrangler team from Smith’s first foray into film and television production “Underground”, including the rodeo partner that helped him begin, Randy Melton.

Reride Animal Talent consists of veteran, experienced animal wranglers and trainers. The business provides set-ready large and small animals, including wildlife and reptiles. In addition, the company furnishes period piece film needs, including wagons, stagecoaches and buggies.

“Working with others here in Oklahoma has been an incredibly positive experience, said Smith. “The friends and business connections I have gained in a very short time have been extremely rewarding to me both personally and professionally.” He continues, “I believe the film industry in Oklahoma has endless possibilities. As an example, in November of 2020 I worked with Hideout Productions on ‘Old Henry’, a Billy the Kid western. Hideout Productions has four more westerns scheduled to be filmed in Oklahoma over the next couple of years. I have the privilege to be wrangling, acting and performing on these upcoming films.”

To further the company’s presence in Oklahoma, Reride Animal Talent recently purchased property in Okemah, Oklahoma, and construction has begun on a house, barn and training facility where Smith will reside along with our movie animals. Once completed, this location will be available to train animals along with actors, stunt performers and will be available for a film location.

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