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Music Artist July 2016 The Happily Entitled

Music Artist for July 2016: The Happily Entitled

The Happily Entitled is composed of four Oklahoma City musicians who believe in inspiring people to live with an entitlement to happiness, love, equality and self. The group feels that people are entitled to love who they want to love, be who they want to be, and believe what they choose to believe. In their eyes, people should own exactly who they are and experience the happiness and freedom that comes with it. The pop-rock band first started in the summer of 2015 playing their first show in August at The Red Brick Bar in Norman. Since, they have gone on to play notable Oklahoma venues and festivals such as The Blue Door, The Deli, Heard On Hurd, The Shrine, G Fest, Metro Music Fest and Festival of the Arts.

The band began recording their debut EP “Preface” at Bell Labs Studio shortly after making their way into the music scene. “Preface” EP blends a unique sound of pop, rock and jazz influences while showcasing the sultry stylings of Pulse’s vocals. The Happily Entitled is set to begin work on a follow-up EP in the fall of 2016, featuring vocalist Mackenzie Pulse, drummer Dustin Fox, bassist Jacob Brown and guitarist Chris Lashley. In just under a year, these four musicians have worked hard to not only create their unique sound, but to create an energetic live show with a touch of sensuality that keeps their audiences wanting more.

“The Oklahoma music scene has grown by leaps and bounds since we all first entered the scene as solo artists. All of us feel very humbled to be a part of the growth taking place here. In the short year that we’ve been a band, we’ve had the privilege to work with incredible musicians and play some really amazing shows. One of our highlights from this year would have to be playing a set on Oklahoma Film + Music’s Oklahoma Roots Stage out at G Fest! From the moment we arrived, we were treated with such kindness and hospitality, every artist dreams of being treated this way– and the stage was the biggest one we’ve played yet! It was a wonderful feeling being able to be there playing next to stages that held talents like Kacey Musgraves and The Avett Brothers!”

The members of The Happily Entitled are no stranger to working hard for what they want, and that is exactly what they plan to continue doing. Come out to a show to meet the band, pick up a cd, and experience the passion exuding from The Happily Entitled.

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