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Featured Location for September 2018: ACM@UCO

Known as Oklahoma’s own “School of Rock”, The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma (ACM@UCO) is one of the state’s most accomplished music schools located in Oklahoma City’s vibrant Bricktown District. ACM@UCO educates students for careers in the music industry through specialized studies and practical networking opportunities. The school’s campus is home to four professional recording studios, five large rehearsal spaces, furnished classrooms and practice spaces, two technology labs and a five hundred capacity performance space. In addition to the year-round education programs, ACM@UCO has hosted a number of video productions at their facilities, and the organization frequently spearheads many of the state’s music industry events, including the school’s Metro Music Fest and Metro Music Series as well as annual collaborations with deadCenter Film Festival and OF+MO’s forthcoming presence at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville.

Photo provided by ACM@UCO.

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