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Location May 2017, Mayo Hotel

Featured Locations for May 2017: The Mayo Hotel + The Golden Driller

Celebrating the rich, oil history of Oklahoma, the City of Tulsa boasts two impressive landmarks which recall the booming era of years past. The Mayo Hotel (pictured above), which originally opened in 1925, combines Tulsa’s tradition of sophistication with modern amenities in historic luxury. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the revitalized property features 102 guest rooms, 76 private residences and opulent event spaces, and is known for its Art Deco design, two-story Doric columns and terra cotta façade accented by stone etchings.

One of the tallest freestanding statues in the United States, the Golden Driller has been a beloved Tulsa landmark since 1966. The one-of-a-kind monument weighs a whopping 43,500 pounds and stands 76 feet tall. The Driller was first erected by the Mid-Continental Supply Company at the 1953 International Petroleum Exposition. After receiving favorably, the company temporarily brought the statue back for the 1959 trade show later donating it to the Tulsa County Fairgrounds Trust Authority. In 1979, the Golden Driller was adopted as the state monument of Oklahoma.

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