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“Safe Spaces: Schools” Begins Filming in Oklahoma

Brave Dream Media, LLC, in association with the Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO), is pleased to announce the start of production in Oklahoma on the educational video series “Safe Spaces: Schools” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“As a Tulsa native, I’m excited to be able to produce a project in Oklahoma that will be able to protect millions of students around the country,” said Jonathan Coussens, President of Brave Dream Media, LLC. “There’s nothing better than knowing we are using our craft as filmmakers to make tangible differences in our community and across the nation. I’m thankful the state of Oklahoma understands that projects like ours could only happen because of the rebate program.”

“Safe Spaces: Schools” is a series of short films that will be used to educate and train teachers across the country on how to react in the event of various emergencies. The video scripts and procedures that will be featured have been crafted by former FBI, Secret Service and ATF agents, utilizing advanced and accurate training techniques deemed most effective by law-enforcement agencies. Events that will be covered in the series include school situations involving bomb threats, active shooters, kidnappings, hostages and tornadoes.

“Our goal is to make schools safe. That happens by providing teachers with the proper training and tools they need to know how to react in the case of an emergency” said Sebastian Lucido, President of SafeSpaces 365. “Our Michigan-based company knows we need effective short films to train teachers, and while in production in Oklahoma, we’ve been impressed with the state’s local industry and production crews. Not only are the filmmakers talented, but the people of the state of Oklahoma are fantastic to work with. The rebate program allows us to put more money where it really counts – in the classroom, with teachers protecting students.”

“We look forward to working with Brave Dream Media, LLC, on this production,” said OF+MO Director Tava Maloy Sofsky. “This impactful, educational series that will be distributed nationwide is one of the first of its kind to utilize for the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program administered by our office.”

“Safe Spaces: Schools” will begin its three-week shoot in the Tulsa area on Thursday, August 30. The film’s production company, SafeSpaces 365, has plans to potentially continue the series in Oklahoma with new segments to be filmed in 2019 based on the availability of the state’s rebate program.

“After this first round of production, we hope to do more in 2019,” said Lucido. “Oklahoma’s film rebate program is the primary reason we’re looking at coming back.”

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