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Take a Sneak Peak of Oklahoma Rebate Film “Monday at 11:01 AM”

Transcript for “Monday at 11:01” AM Sneak Peak

A psychological thriller, “Monday at 11:01 AM” follows a man’s dreamlike journey through a harrowing nightmare vacation. Smooth-talking and independently wealthy Michael is looking to relax and overindulge with his beautiful girlfriend in a charming resort town. After Michael’s first night in the hotel proves to be less than restful, he desperately wants out. What begins as an extravagant romantic getaway becomes increasingly disturbing, forcing Michael to question his own sanity and the reality around him. 

“Monday at 11:01 AM” was produced by Charles Agron and Gary Adelman of Monday at 11:01 AM, Inc. and was primarily shot in Guthrie, Oklahoma in 2014. This film utilized the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program.

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