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Three Oklahoma Projects Now Available

Beginning June 6, the Oklahoma-produced feature films “Heartland” and “Let Me Make You A Martyr” as well as the web series “In The Rough” will be available for release on multiple digital and video platforms. These projects were all filmed in Oklahoma utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program administered by the Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO).

Released by Wolfe Video on DVD, iTunes and Amazon, “Heartland” tells the story of a young artist who, after a tragic loss, returns back to her mother’s stifling household where she finds temporary escape in a reckless weekend. The film marks the directorial debut of Maura Anderson and stars Beth Grant (“The Mindy Project”) as well as Oklahomans Laura Spencer (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Velinda Godfrey, with Godfrey also serving as a co-writer and producer of the film.

Currently in the midst of a theatrical tour that recently visited Tulsa’s Circle Cinema, “Let Me Make You A Martyr” will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and more after securing successful distribution through Film Rise. The film features musician turned actor Marilyn Manson, Sam Quartin and “Sons of Anarchy” stars Niko Nicotera and Mark Boone Junior in a cerebral revenge film about two adopted siblings who fall in love and hatch a plan seeking revenge on their abusive stepfather. The film was shot at various locations throughout Oklahoma including Tulsa, Owasso, Sand Springs and Little Sahara State Park.

Complex Networks’ new scripted series, “In the Rough”, is available to watch for free on or the go90 app available for iOS and Android. The series features native Oklahoman Ryan Merriman (“The Luck of the Irish”, “Pretty Little Liars”) as Jake Hamilton, a young pro at a struggling golf course who balances saving the business from greedy land grabbers with partaking in shenanigans with his co-workers and navigating his on-again, off-again relationship with girlfriend Holly, played by Sunny Mabrey (“Once Upon a Time”). Sterling Knight (“Sonny with a Chance”) and Cody Walker (“Furious 7”) co-star in this zany series produced by Verizon Hearst Media Partners in association with NoCoast Entertainment.

Collectively, these three projects shot at a number of locations across the state showcasing the varied terrain of Oklahoma’s twelve different eco-regions. These locations include Little Sahara State Park, Turner Falls and Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club as well as the communities of Tulsa, Owasso, Guthrie, Oklahoma City, Kingston and Waynoka to name a few.

“Distribution and release is a major milestone of success for independent films and television,” said OF+MO Director Tava Maloy Sofsky. “We’re excited these projects are now available to audiences across the globe who can see firsthand the benefits our film rebate, the talents of our Oklahoma filmmakers, casts and crews and the beauty of our diverse locations.”

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About the Oklahoma Film + Music Office:
Created in 1979, The Oklahoma Film + Music Office strives to share all that Oklahoma has to offer by welcoming filmmakers and music professionals to the state and by creating a network of support to develop Oklahoma’s film and music industries. For more information about the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program or the Oklahoma Film + Music Office please visit

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