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Featured Business April 2023

Featured Business for April: Westerlund Audio

Westerlund Audio designs guitar effects pedals for tone seekers and is passionate about creating sounds that put the attention on the player, not on the pedal. Their first release, the Westerlund ONE, is designed to do just that. The company got started with the idea to create a desert island overdrive pedal. Co-founders Shane Henry, Jim Robinson and Matt Stansberry spent years developing and modifying various prototypes until Westerlund landed on a pedal that they were so excited about they just had to release it into the world.

Can you tell us about how and why you started your business?

We believe we developed a guitar pedal that could help musicians in Oklahoma and beyond dial in the exact sound they were looking for, so we decided to create a new company to get our product in players’ hands

What services do you provide within the film/music industry?

Guitar pedals for musicians. Our first release, the Westerlund ONE, was designed by Oklahoma musicians.

Can you describe how your company has grown to meet the needs of Oklahoma’s film and/or music industry?

We just recently launched our first pedal but it is already being used by local musicians, local studios and even fellow Oklahoman Vince Gill on his tour with the Eagles.

What are the benefits of basing your company’s operations in Oklahoma?

We have a lot of connections and support here, including several already established guitar pedal companies, Walrus Audio and Keeley Electronics, both of which have been very inspiring and encouraging to us.

What would you consider your business’s greatest accomplishment to date?

Our greatest accomplishment to date is having Vince Gill as our first customer.

Are there any recent successes your company would like to highlight related to work within the Oklahoma film and music industry?

Fellow Oklahoman Vince Gill as our first customer and using the pedal while on tour with the Eagles.

What are you working on now/next?

We are focused primarily on our first release, the Westerlund ONE, but we have started discussions for our second release. We’re not sure exactly what that will be yet, but we’re confident we’ll do more.

What is your goal/vision for the future of your company?

We would love to design some signature pedals in collaboration with some of our favorite musicians.

What advice do you have for others who are considering starting a film or music business in Oklahoma?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The music industry here is very welcoming, supportive and eager to provide knowledge, connections and resources.

What opportunities do you believe await Oklahoma’s film/ music industry in the future?

The music industry in particular has experienced significant growth especially since the inception of ACM@UCO back in 2009. After the school launched then music venues followed and now we are seeing more opportunities for music in films and other avenues.

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