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Featured Business Aug 2022

Featured Business for August 2022: OK Sounds Good

OK Sounds Good is a boutique audio post-production company that specializes in sound design and immersive mixing in Dolby Atmos for film, television and music.

Can you tell us how and why you started your business?

We’ve always been extremely passionate about sound. Starting out as musicians helped us to train our ears, which led to an obsession of crafting “the perfect sound.” We know that the perfect sound is subjective, and may be ultimately unattainable, but through that process of searching, we’ve developed a certain skillset that allows us to help other creatives master the sound of their work.

What services do you provide within the film/music industry?

We provide audio post-production services for films, television and music working primarily in surround sound formats. Recently we’ve updated our studio to a Dolby Atmos system to provide services to meet the needs of the current market.

How has your company grown to meet the needs of Oklahoma’s film and/or music industries over the last 3-5 years?

We’re constantly implementing new technologies to stay up-to-date, and we also attend yearly training seminars to keep our abilities and expertise up-to-par as well. Also, we serve as faculty members at the Academy of Contemporary Music and that gives us the opportunity to train the next generation of audio creatives here in OKC.

What are the benefits of basing your company’s operations in Oklahoma?

We grew up in Oklahoma and have been able to develop many strong relationships with Oklahoma filmmakers over the past 10 years. Oklahoma has a flourishing film industry filled with many of our friends and colleagues that we absolutely adore working with.

What would you consider your business’s greatest accomplishment to date?

We’ve won multiple NATAS Emmy Awards for work we’ve done on Oklahoma films, but really our greatest accomplishment is that we’ve been able to continue working, doing something that we love, all while collaborating with so many talented creative people.

Are there any recent successes your company would like to highlight related to work within the Oklahoma film and music industries?

In the last year, we’ve had the pleasure of working on 13 feature films, some of which have gone on to win awards at various film festivals, some have been shown internationally and some are already available on streaming platforms or have been released theatrically. We’ve also been able to work on multiple Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio music mixes with local artists that will be available on Apple Music or other streaming services.

What are you working on now/next?

We always have multiple projects happening simultaneously, whether they’re feature films or immersive music mixes. That being said, our main focus at the moment is creating the first Dolby Atmos Certified Mix Stage in the state.

What is your goal/vision for the future of your company?

We’re currently certified to work in the Dolby Atmos format but are excitedly working towards building the first Dolby Atmos Certified Studio in Oklahoma. This would allow Oklahoma filmmakers access to this new immersive format in the most professional way and would allow them to express their creativity through sound with this exciting technology.

What advice do you have for others who are considering starting a film or music business in Oklahoma?

There are tremendous opportunities here in Oklahoma. My advice would be to find your passion and obsessively work towards mastering your craft. Collaborators and clients alike will notice if you’re authentically interested in what you’re working on or not, and if you’re not passionate about the role you’re filling, you’ll struggle the entire way.

What opportunities do you believe await Oklahoma’s film/music industry in the future?

So many. There is so much content being made throughout the world today and Oklahoma has created a culture and community that allows creatives to thrive. The quality of work coming from Oklahoma competes with work coming from other well-established communities and is such an inspiration to be a part of.

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