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Prairie Surf Studios

Featured Business for February 2021: Prairie Surf Studios

Photo: NGP Film Workshop at Prairie Surf Studios / Credit: Josh Bivens

About Prairie Surf Media:
Prairie Surf Media (PSM) is an Oklahoma City-based global production studio focused on multi-platform content creation. Through its innovative and transformative leadership team, the company is poised to kick start the growth of streaming, television and motion picture production in Oklahoma.  With decades of combined experience in the entertainment industry, PSM is the undisputed category leader in the state. PSM is co-founded by Oklahoma natives, Rachel Cannon and Matt Payne.

About Prairie Surf Studios:
At 1.3 million square feet, Prairie Surf Studios (PSS) is in the heart of Oklahoma City at the Cox Convention Center.  Encompassing more than 260k square feet of production space, the facility houses five of the largest clearspan soundstages in the Midwest, mill space, wardrobe and set design space, and an indoor base camp for trucks and trailers.  PSS also offers countless amenities and practical locations, including a commercial-grade kitchen, locker rooms, conference rooms, an eat-in retro diner, wi-fi throughout facility and stages with speeds up to 1GB up and down, HVAC, 24-hour security, and the ability to self-contain encouraging safe productions.

“We are passionate about empowering storytellers while creating jobs that will truly create economic diversity for Oklahoma,” said Prairie Surf Studios founders Rachel Cannon and Matt Payne. “The entertainment industry is not just actors and directors. Each production is packed with high-paying jobs that range from construction workers and electricians to accountants and tech. With unemployment at an all-time high, we want to show Oklahomans how their existing skillsets can pivot into this exciting industry.”

For more information on Prairie Surf Media, Prairie Surf Studios, Matt Payne and Rachel Cannon visit

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