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Searchlight Music Group Featured Business March 2021

Featured Business for March 2021: Searchlight Music Group

Searchlight Music Group offers complete Music Consulting Services for any production, be it film, television, advertising, events or gaming. They work directly with the production team to determine their needs and offer any and all of the services as single services or bundled together to help them find the best music for their project for the best price with the least stress and hassle. Searchlight Music Group is co-founded by Oklahoma Natives Maggie McClure and Chris Freihofer, along with Monique Roy.

Searchlight Music Group has worked with Amblin Entertainment, 20th Century FOX, SONY Pictures, Disney, CBS, FOX, ABC, TBS, Freeform, Gravitas Ventures, Vertical Entertainment and more. Services include music sync licensing, music supervision, custom music composition, composer contracting, music soundtracks and on-camera music casting.

 “We are very excited to help productions working in Oklahoma find the perfect music for their projects and equally as excited to represent and showcase Oklahoma musicians and their music to productions,” said Maggie McClure, President of Searchlight Music Group.

At the beginning of 2021, Searchlight Music Group launched The Searchlight Sessions, a FREE educational video series featuring interviews with experienced entertainment professionals sharing important information about the music and media industry. Hosted by McClure, these videos are designed to help entertainment professionals, especially those that are up-and-coming, to expand their knowledge and skills in multiple areas and hopefully be able to leverage this new information to increase their income and build their reputation. With COVID-19 impacting so many in the entertainment industry, the goal is to help musicians and filmmakers to see other ways to make money and think outside the box.

For more information about Searchlight Music Group, visit

To watch The Searchlight Sessions, visit their YouTube page.

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