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Featured Business May 2022

Featured Business for May 2022: Tull Rigging

Tull Rigging is a labor and tech provider for live events, concerts, televised events, commercials, conventions, corporate events and upscale private parties in Oklahoma.

Can you tell us about how and why you started your business?

Our family is multiple generations rooted in the music industry. Opportunities became available through networking with people that I had built relationships with and I wanted to be in this industry for the rest of my life.

What services do you provide within the film/music industry?

We supply a broad range of skilled labor and tech positions to the Live Events Industry, including commercials, music video shoots, government press conferences, multiple live televised events, e.g., WWE Live, PBR, ESPN Top Tank Boxing, FS, Bellator & many more.

How has your company grown to meet the needs of Oklahoma’s film and/or music industry over the last 3-5 years?

With the growth created by “The Maps Programs,” OKC has reached a level of sustainability for the local workforce in the live events industry. In 2018 Tull Rigging employed approximately 150 workers. In just one short year, partially due to aggressive marketing strategies executed by SMG, ASM Global & The Paycom Center, our Tull Rigging staff increased to 572 W-2 status employees.

What are the benefits of basing your company’s operations in Oklahoma?

The workers! “THE OKLAHOMA STANDARD” is our greatest asset. The exposure of this standard is best demonstrated in our interactions and relationships between our local crews and the traveling productions in both film and live events industries.

What would you consider your businesses greatest accomplishment to date?

Reaching a level of sustainability within the management of our family-owned business that will provide jobs and careers for many generations to come. Tull Rigging will always “raise the bar” in Oklahoma City. Established 1978.

Are there any recent successes your company would like to highlight related to work within the Oklahoma film and music industries?

Our company’s core being structured in a manner that not only survived the pandemic, but returned from it stronger than ever.

What are you working on now/next?

I’m currently campaigning for a house bill to create a “Live Events” incentive program similar to the “Filmed in Oklahoma” incentive.

What is your goal/vision for the future of your company?

The vision of our company is for the “Live Events” incentive program to be adopted. This will result in an increased volume of productions and live events in Oklahoma City.

What advice do you have for other who are considering starting a film or music business in Oklahoma?

Support the “Live Events” incentive program.

What opportunities do you believe await Oklahoma’s film / music industry in the future?

I believe the adoption of the “Live Events” incentive program in tandem with the “Filmed in Oklahoma” incentive program, the two genres could collaborate and merge to support the local workforces.

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