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Featured Career April 2024

Featured Film Career for April 2024: Location Manager/Scout

Based in Claremore, Oklahoma, Kenny Wayne Shavers works statewide as a Location Manager and Scout. Credits include “A Christmas Present,” “King Ivory,” “Unsettled” and a Meta commercial. In addition to working Locations, Shavers is working on two proof-of-concept shorts written and directed by him.

How did you get started in the film industry?

I started working in the industry as a background actor in 2004.

Did you have any formal education or training related to the film industry before starting?

No, I was working in law enforcement when I first started in the industry.

Did you have any formal education or training related to your specific department on-set?

No, I took the set-ready course with the Oklahoma Film and TV Academy (OFTA). After getting out of the Navy I went to college for Criminal justice and business administration. I do feel military and law enforcement helped me develop skills that translate well to being on set, especially locations.

What are some of your most recent successes (credits or accolades) related to your career in the industry?

Starting in August of 2022, I started my first time as crew as an Assistant Location Manager, then worked five more feature films and a Meta commercial. All as locations manager or assistant manager. In July of 2023 I had knee surgery and decided after working “Cottonmouth” I needed more time for my knee to recover. I am excited to see what is next in 2024.

What has your career in the state’s film industry taught you?

That crew is like family, never give up, hard work will pay off. Stay consistent and persistent.

What is the highlight of your career thus far?

I love being on set. I would say the greatest highlight would be all the amazing Oklahoma crew that I am honored to work with. Stars and famous people come and go but crew is family.

What is your favorite aspect of working in Oklahoma’s film and television industry?

Watching it grow and seeing the hard work and dedication from everyone. Being a part of this as we show the world what Oklahoma’s film industry can do.

What’s the best piece of advice you have for someone starting their career in Oklahoma’s film industry?

Stay consistent, don’t give up. Advice that was told to me: “Be a solution to the problem, don’t be the problem.” Be willing to learn every day. Never assume you know it all.

How does someone in your field/department best promote/market themselves to those hiring in your industry?

This industry is word of mouth, far more than a resume. You have to build a reputation for hard work and reliability. Everyone you work with is a potential opportunity for a future job. Your work ethics and character will be your greatest asset.

Are there any local film organizations, resources or events that have been beneficial to you in your career?

I love to attend meet and greets. I go to almost every Coffee with Crew by the Oklahoma Motion Picture Alliance (OKMPA) in Tulsa. I plan to attend some in OKC as well. Set-ready course by OFTA was a very important course in helping me start my career.

What’s the one item you can’t live without on set, and why?

For me my phone. I rely heavily on communication with my team. Then the radio would be next.

Communication is extremely important.

Would your career be impacted without the state’s film incentive program? If so, how?

Yes, almost every production I have worked on received the state incentives. So without it I may not have worked much.

Where do you see yourself – AND – Oklahoma’s film industry in the next five years?

In the next five years I want to do my own shorts as well as work with new crew members, helping to train and mentor them. A strong local crew base is important to the industry’s growth in Oklahoma.

What are you working on now or next?

I am working on a short I wrote and was asked about availability for a feature film starting in the next couple of months. I am just starting to reach out to productions now that I am recovered from knee surgery.

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