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Film Artist for December 2017 Laron Chapman

Film Artist for December 2017: Laron Chapman

Laron Chapman is a writer, co-producer and director who is an active local freelance screenwriter and filmmaker with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies from the University of Oklahoma. He began his professional career in the film industry working on the set of the 2012 production of the Academy Award nominated “August: Osage County”. He has subsequently worked on film and television productions including “Rudderless” (2014), “Gosnell” (2015), “Forsaken” (2017), “Wildlife” (2017), “The Pioneer Woman Cooks”, among others.

“What I love most about film production in Oklahoma is a sense of family and professionalism exemplified by the local film community. I’ve never met a more hard-working, grass roots, talented and supportive community than the OK film community. Rather than competing, everyone wants to see you succeed and is diligent in lending a helping hand to make that a reality.”

When he is not working on local productions, Chapman is writing and developing his own. He wrapped production on his directorial feature film debut, the satirical comedy “You People”, early this year. Simultaneously, Chapman co-wrote and directed a five-part, multi-genre, anthology film with all local Oklahoma crew and talent, currently in post-production. He is deeply passionate about the art of film and telling human stories with social relevance.

“I’ve learned so much about myself as a person and as an artist from the eclectic range of productions I’ve worked on in the state of Oklahoma. It’s a very welcoming beautiful state with an unhurried culture that is conducive to creative growth. Unlike larger west coast states, there is a hunger for fresh faces and talent to expand and grow within the film community.”

For more information, please visit Laron Chapman’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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