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Film Artist February 2018 Pyle Production Services

Film Artist for February 2018: Pyle Production Services

Justin Clenard founded Oklahoma-based Pyle Production Services in 2012. He started his company with a single fuel truck he built for the film “Home Run”. Six short years later, Pyle Production Services now offers a full line of transportation equipment. Pyle Production Services has amassed over fifty production credits while becoming Oklahoma’s premier studio transportation equipment company.

In addition to overseeing every aspect of Pyle Production Services daily operations, Clenard works as a Transportation Coordinator on film productions, having coordinated sixteen feature films to date. He has also been a Transportation Captain and Picture Car Coordinator on numerous other productions. Clenard began working his way up the transportation department ranks after serving in the Marine Corps. Having grown up around Hollywood Teamsters, one of his earliest memories is riding along, hauling fighter jets to Utah for the film “Independence Day”.

“The Oklahoma film community has always been very welcoming and are a great group of people that can adapt to any situation,” Clenard said. “Being able to work with a great group of drivers and being part of the Oklahoma film community has been rewarding. I look forward to working with everyone on future projects.”

Pyle Production Services currently has numerous feature films and commercial productions scheduled for 2018.

For more information, please visit Pyle Production Services’ listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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