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Film Artist April 2016 Jenava Burguiere

Film Artist for April 2016: Jenava Burguiere

Jenava Burguiere is a costume designer and costumer who has been an active member of the Oklahoma film community for the last five years. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma’s School of Drama, she studied costume design for theatre before moving into film. Most recently, Burguiere and her design partner, Jack O’Dell finished production on the film “Judgment” and are both currently designing for “Runaway” which will wrap production within the next two weeks.

“As a designer, I’m telling a story through clothing. The costume tells the audience who the character is before any dialogue is spoken, and I love that,” said Burguiere. “Sometimes, I can’t believe I get to design costumes for film here in Oklahoma, but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve designed six features in the last three years here, and that’s incredible.”

Next month, she, alongside her design partner Jack O’Dell, will launch Ginger House L.L.C., a design and costume service that will be available to Oklahoma film, theatre and arts productions. The company will offer design services, rentals, alterations and costume supplies for any size production. “I’m very excited about Ginger House,” said Burguiere. “There is a need for wardrobe and costumes in Oklahoma right now. As the industry here is growing, we want Ginger House to grow right along with it and hope to become Oklahoma’s full service costume house.”

For more information, please visit Jenava’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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