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Casey Crowdis | locations mngr

Film Artist for August 2018: Casey Crowdis

Casey Crowdis graduated with Honors from Oklahoma State University with a BFA in Sculpture before discovering filmmaking as a way to tap into all of his interests. He began his career in 2004 as an independent commercial producer before diving into feature films in 2008 as a location manager. Over the years, Crowdis has served in a variety of roles in efforts to broaden his understanding of the industry.

“Oklahoma has an incredible diversity of landscapes and so many good folks who welcome filmmaking with open arms. I love making movies here,” said Crowdis. “Having worked with crew from all over, I’m proud to see our crew work circles around most of them.”

Crowdis’ resume includes Oklahoma film projects such as Terrence Malick’s “To the Wonder”, “Hellraiser: Judgment”, “Starbright”, “American Gods”, “Electric Nostalgia”, as well as commercials with Kevin Durant (Nike, Sprint), Russell Westbrook (Nike Air Jordan, Foot Locker) and many others. Most recently, Crowdis served as a locations manager on the Oklahoma rebate films “The Bygone” and “Hosea”, and is set to work on the forthcoming production of “The Hill”.

As a producer, Crowdis helped get Laron Chapman’s recent deadCenter Award-Winning Best Oklahoma Feature, “You People”, off the ground. He co-founded Quiet Sight Studios with fellow Oklahoma filmmaker Ty Dickson, and they are currently seeking investors for their upcoming high school comedy, “Standardized”.

For more information, please visit Casey Crowdis’ listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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