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Film Artist for February 2020: Captain Matthew Moulton

Captain Matthew Moulton served in the U.S. Army for over 25 years both on active duty and reserve status during which time he enjoyed the opportunities to both protect people and teach others how to protect themselves. After retirement, Moulton opened OKC Tactical and leveraged his experience to teach safe and responsible self-defense to Oklahomans. In the summer of 2019, Moulton had the opportunity to conduct actor training for Director Joshua Caldwell on the Oklahoma-produced feature film, “Southland”. Moulton was then invited on-set to act as an extra and provide additional consultation on the film’s scenes involving firearms.

“I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I ended up loving it,” said Captain Moulton. “The cast and crew captured me with their love of collaborative storytelling. Watching that group of professionals weave together their story was motivating, and I discovered how rewarding being a part of that process could be.” He continues, “The best part was learning that many of the crew were native Oklahomans. I had no idea so many talented movie professionals lived and worked out of Oklahoma!”

With his new company, Range 405, Moulton is ready and eager to help all levels of film production in Oklahoma by providing a variety of armorer services, including technical assistance with scripts, weapons training for cast and related-crew and the seamless integration of firearms and related equipment for film and television production. His goal is to help directors use firearms in a way that will capture certain genres, not turn the audience away from enjoying a great story because they get hung up on a technical detail.

Moulton just finished work on the recently completed feature film “Wild Indian”, which was produced in Oklahoma and marked the full-length debut of Native American Director Lyle Mitchell Corbine, Jr. Currently Moulton is building firearms and training actors for the Thorough Film production of “Out of Exile” by Native American and Oklahoma Director Kyle Kauwika Harris, as well other productions outside the state.

“Film production is a wonderful addition to the industry base in Oklahoma; its impact creates many jobs and support positions, like armorers. It is gratifying to be able to employ my knowledge and experience in a constructive and creative way. In too many movies, the inclusion of firearms distracts from the cinematic impact of the story and inhibits the actor’s comfort level. The Range 405 goal is to heighten the stories dramatic potential and excitement by creating an atmosphere of absolute safety and confidence that allows actors and crew to concentrate on delivering their best performances. At the end of a production I want the crew to say, ‘That was the best armorer I’ve ever worked with.’”

Moulton wishes to acknowledge Joshua Caldwell of Meydenbauer Entertainment and Travis Donaldson of Blackjack Security Concepts for getting him transitioned into the film industry as well as the experienced professionalism of Oklahomans Randy Wayne, Talia Bella, Jon Bielich, Adam Hampton, Kent Shelton and Jeremy Ralston among many others.

For more information and a list of credits, please visit Matthew Moulton’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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