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Megan Carter

Film Artist for November 2016: Megan Carter

Megan Carter set up her first craft services table in 2010 when her brother-in-law told her about a job opportunity on the film “Heaven’s Rain”. When she asked what “crafty” was, he told her, “It’s kind of like hosting a party every day. And sometimes all night”. Having grown up in the hospitality industry, with a mother who loved serving appetizers for dinner, this sounded like an ideal gig for Carter, and after her first day on set, she was hooked.

Though she doesn’t have a film background, her degree in psychology comes in handy given her role on set providing a sympathetic ear and a supportive smile. Her crafty table isn’t just a place to boost your blood sugar, it’s a place to boost your morale as well.

“Crafty gives me a unique vantage point — my table is the heart of the set, with nearly every crew member passing through. I love hearing about everyone’s jobs…I think the info coming through on the walkie alone has been like my own private film school,” said Carter.

Priding herself on her killer sense of humor, welcoming vibe and hard work ethic, Carter has found herself in demand working over 24 film, music video and commercial shoots since then including films such as “Te Ata”, “The Scent of Rain and Lightning”, “Wicked Love” and “Starbright”, which is currently filming in Bartlesville, all of which utilized the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program.

“I just love the Oklahoma film family we’ve created — we’re not surrounded by an Entertainment Industry, so our local crew doesn’t take their jobs for granted. I feel privileged to be in this business, and I hope that shows in my attitude on set. I feel so fortunate that I go to work every day surrounded by cool, creative, and kind people,” said Carter.

For more information, please visit Megan Carter’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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