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Film Artist October 2016 Tory Ayers-Costello

Film Artist for October 2016: Tory Ayers-Costello

Tory Ayers-Costello began working as a film accountant in 2010 somewhat by accident when her best friend Sara Thompson, current shorts programmer for the deadCENTER Film Festival, asked her to join the accounting department for the film “Heaven’s Rain”. Prior to her experience on this film, Ayers-Costello had worked for many small businesses maintaining their records as a bookkeeper. The decision to join “Heaven’s Rain” has since led Ayers-Costello into working as a film accountant, and this year alone, she has provided services for “Hellraiser”, “Children of the Corn”, “The Mustanger and The Lady” and “In the Rough”.

This November, Ayers-Costello will be launching Accountability Partners, L.L.C., a local payroll company that specializes in film and entertainment payroll, as well as offers services for the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate and accounting. Additional services will include basic accounting needs including digital and/or physical filing system implementation, bookkeeping and small business accounting training and implementation.

“People think accounting is boring, and it is… but film accounting is different. It’s fun and interesting. Being a musician and a lover of all of the arts, I love working in film production in Oklahoma because I continue to be surrounded by creativity and ingenuity. Where else would you have a “duck wrangler” as a line item in the ledger?!”

For more information, please visit Tory Ayers-Costello’s listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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