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film artist june 2017 catering creations

Film Artist for June 2017: Catering Creations

Catering Creations/Nosh Restaurant has been working in the film industry since 2013. Kim Torres opened the doors to her catering company Catering Creations in 2009, and has worked tirelessly to create customized menus suited for events both small and large. Originally located in Norman, Oklahoma, just a few doors down from The Actor Factory, Torres was presented the unique opportunity to work as craft services for the now feature-film “Rats” in 2013. The exposure from that project led to her company to being selected as the catering company to handle the production “Te Ata”. Upon completion of that project Torres realized that “catering a film production is completely different than catering a wedding; where people are going for enjoyment at special events. Film production catering involves crafting and designing menu’s that provide sustenance, nutrition and just a little bit of comfort mixed in, as people who are working the production are ‘working in the trenches’”.

“It is so amazing to see how the film community is growing at such an exponential rate. The film community is small but very diverse. I am so proud to be a part of this community and to be able to share in the successes of my fellow professionals. Oklahoma is making a name for itself in the film industry, and to be a part of this is truly remarkable.”

Torres has nurtured relationships with many different industry professionals that have since led to her company being brought in to cater eight different film productions, four different commercials and a slew of other events. Currently Catering Creations is working on “The Chickasaw Rancher” production, and will be catering the upcoming production “Strand”.

For more information, please visit Catering Creations listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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