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Five Penny Pictures

Film Artists for July 2020: Five Penny Pictures

Five Penny Pictures is a camera system rental house founded by Callie and Andrew Appleyard in October of 2018 with the intention of focusing on intimate and detailed narratives as told from a unique perspective, as well as providing local producers and filmmakers the opportunity to rent and use the highest quality cinema cameras available. Through this endeavor, Callie and Andrew have developed a complete technical and creative understanding of ARRI cinema cameras and have provided both their Alexa Mini camera system and their knowledge for numerous feature films, music videos, short films and commercials. They take pride in working directly with film professionals and other local equipment rental businesses to ensure that the needs of the projects are met.


Andrew’s role in Five Penny Pictures has afforded him the rare opportunity to work daily with ARRI cameras and, in doing so, to function as a Director of Photography, Camera Operator and Steadicam Operator. Andrew has pursued training directly from ARRI and, as the result of this training, has earned certification in both their camera systems and their LED lighting ecosystem. His skills as a Steadicam Operator are continually expanding with his daily operation and use of his ARRI Artemis. He also has acquired a more thorough understanding of the equipment itself and its compatibility with camera systems.

Five Penny Pictures will continue to provide their camera systems to the many features and commercials coming to Oklahoma. As always, Five Penny Pictures will support the numerous local filmmakers in both their short and feature projects.

“Five Penny Pictures would not exist without the Oklahoma film community,” said Andrew. “They are caring and hardworking people, whose talent deserves much greater recognition and opportunity than that which is given. It will always be our goal to support and encourage this community’s incredible potential.”

For more information, please visit Five Penny Pictures’ listing in the Oklahoma Production Directory.

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