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Music Artist for December 2017 Lincka

Music Artist for December 2017: Lincka

Lincka is a Mexican-American pop artist based in Oklahoma; aka a Mexi-homan. A student at the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma, she started making waves in Oklahoma City in 2015 by releasing her debut EP No Shoes, which later won her the Woody Award for Best Latin Artist. Her latest single, “Gardenias”, was featured on NPR’S “Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Radio Can’t Stop Playing!”

Radio host Ryan LaCroix from KOSU’s The Spy said the following about the single: “In her new song, Lincka hands gardenias — white flowers that symbolize love and protection — to Latinos who aren’t as fortunate as her — Latinos that don’t have the same legal protections as she does.”

Lincka believes it’s essential for all artists, local or global, to be blessed with a stage, big or small, to wield their platforms like a hammer to empower the communities who gave and continue to give them life. In order to ensure that her art is not only empowering but also the best quality, she collaborates with Producer Rat Fink, aka Dan Ashford. The most recent addition to the group is refreshing sax player Johnathan Elizondo whose jazz improvisations make each live show spontaneous and exciting. Lincka’s voice sets off like an aerial shell and explodes into a burst of catchy flows that never ceases to make the listeners faces light up. At the age of 20, Lincka is ready to dive in the music industry especially in today’s social and political environment, reflecting on and engaging it through sound, lyric, and pride. She believes music can change people and its times.

“2017 has been our most successful year up to date! We got to play on the main stage at Norman Music Festival and didn’t think we’d get there that quickly,” Lincka said. “Then we got played on National Public Radio and, because of that, we were invited to play at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.”

For more information and to listen to her music, please visit Lincka’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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