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Music Artist December 2018 Costello

Music Artist for December 2018: Costello

“Costello is a band born from the crossroads: in a tin box buried beneath the gravel lies the pure essences of blues and psych rock—and in a hushed whisper they combine and summon this music of heavy rhythms and squealing guitar.” -Landon Kuhlmann for Daytrotter

Costello is a rock trio based in Norman, Oklahoma. Clare Costello is the band’s songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. She and friend Jason Scott started out as a duo. Scott drums on the album Manifest (2015). Felix Rodriguez met the two at a basement show and soon joined the band as bassist. Matt Duckworth (Flaming Lips) drums on the most recent album, Conscious Trip (2017), and Richard Haas plays on the 2018 single “2222”. Duckworth and Haas have been sharing live drummer role, depending on availability. The band is currently 100% independent.

“With all of its chaotic weather patterns and high winds, Oklahoma has some wild energy. Combine that with essentially barrenness and it’s like fuel to my already relentless desire to keep rock and roll alive,” said Clare Costello.

For more information and to listen to their music, please visit the Costello’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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