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Blackwatch Studios

Music Artist for December 2020: Blackwatch Studios

Tucked away in the heart of Norman, Oklahoma, lies Blackwatch Studios. Founded by producers/engineers Chad Copelin and Jarod Evans, Blackwatch is not just another pristine recording studio, but an inviting and artistic space fostering creativity, innovation and inspiration.

While Blackwatch Studios portfolio boasts an impressive repertoire of artists from around the state and nation, including BRONCHO, Sports, Mothica, Graham Colton, Spaceface, & more, one of their most known and loved contributions is the annual Blackwatch Christmas album. The album has become a staple in the holiday season for many music lovers around Oklahoma. “A Blackwatch Christmas”, is a collaboration between Norman’s Blackwatch Studios, Fowler VW and Oklahoma artists from around the state, and reflects a compilation of original Christmas tunes released each holiday season. The ninth annual album, which released in 2019, was included in Rolling Stones “89 New Christmas Albums of 2019, Reviewed”. “Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19, 2020’s Blackwatch Christmas album, that was set to record in late spring, was cancelled,” said producer and co-owner of Blackwatch Studios, Jarod Evans. “That being said, we plan to re-ignite the project next season,”  Fortunately, Blackwatch has your Christmas playlist covered, with Fowler VW Presents: A Blackwatch Christmas, featuring all nine Christmas albums.

When asked about gear he’s currently using in the studio, Evans replied, “The Keeley Electronic Bubble Tron pedal is made right here in OKC. It’s a fantastic tool for adding a third dimension to any sound.”

For more information, please visit Blackwatch Studios listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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