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Music Artist January 2019 Foxburrows

Music Artist for January 2019: Foxburrows

Foxburrows started out as a five-piece indie rock band based out of Norman, Oklahoma, in 2013, with members coming from bands such as An Airbag Saved my Life and Coney Island. From college town basement shows, to weekend stints with friends through the plains, Foxburrows has remained a constant in the Oklahoma City music scene despite having members scattered from Tulsa to Omaha, Nebraska.

“There has always been something about the Oklahoma City and Norman community that has consistently been kind to us. There’s a very positive energy from all parties involved; venue owners, musicians, promoters, fans, etc.,” said guitarist Cody Anderson.

Over the years there have been several lineup changes, but the core members, Boone Brady, Cody Anderson, Derek Waas and Collin Spriggs, continue performing, and have written all the music heard on both EP’s and their full-length album, Tame, which was released in 2016.

Ben Luschen of the Oklahoma Gazette said, “Foxburrows is best when they play fast”. Foxburrows is known for their energetic live shows. Everyone grew up listening to bands such as Dear in the Headlights, Broken Social Scene, Deerhunter and Manchester Orchestra, and you can see where those influences shine through in their music. Their live shows rely heavily on dynamics, texture, auxiliary instruments and very little banter. You may even hear three seconds of a Slayer riff from Waas’ guitar between songs if you’re paying attention.

“We came around when ACM was just getting going and it brought a lot of unique and like-minded creative young individuals into the area. The scene that was created and expanded has always been very welcoming and we feel very fortunate to have formed lasting relationships with people that help to drive and inspire that community,” said lead singer Boone Brady.

Foxburrows latest release, Empty Room, released in March of 2018, is much more chordal, and relies less heavily on atmospheric effects, but that does not mean they have abandoned their roots. The difference stems from two things: the addition of Luke Hunsaker on the drums, and the production side. All of the instruments on this EP have found their home, and there is room to let them breathe without bleeding into one another. The album was produced and engineered by Nathan Holliday, whose meticulous ear was crucial in making Empty Room come to fruition. With the recent relocation of their guitarist Cody Anderson back to Oklahoma, Foxburrows has the intention to release new material in the spring of 2019.

For more information and to listen to their music, please visit Foxburrows’ listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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