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Music Artist July 2019 Stephen Salewon

Music Artist for July 2019: Stephen Salewon

With his angelic, one-of-a-kind voice and eclectic singer/songwriter style, Stephen Salewon has been brightening lives with his music for years.

Since relocating to Oklahoma City from Lagos, Nigeria, at the age of 13, Salewon has cultivated, and continues to cultivate, a truly unique melting pot of musical influences. Flavors of jazz, pop, red dirt, soul and more can all be heard under his umbrella of indie folk music. No matter what sound he takes on, however, Salewon’s songwriting always serves to be positive, inspired and uplifting.

His live shows are at once relaxed and lively. Whether with his groove-savvy backing band or on his own as a solo act, Salewon boasts a broad knowledge of performance styles and can tackle both acoustic and electric setups with ease. His mild-mannered charm comes across in spades through his shows as well. Between the pleasant musical surprises subtly blended into his songs and the diversity allowed by his vocal range, his sets never fail to stay fresh throughout.

In recent years, Salewon has been exceptionally productive in the studio, putting out two acclaimed EPs in the past two years respectively while also releasing singles when possible. 2017’s “So Far, So Long” was included in Cellar Door Music Group’s best of the year countdown. 2018’s “All Around” is a collection of sounds intended to be nostalgic, edgy and collaborative, whereby he featured Annie Oakley, an Oklahoma trio, in a song titled “All Around” and composed a love song, “I’ll Be Damned”, in French.

“The local community is very passionate about good music and it has been a good experience for me so far, I would love to explore that even further as I’m working on a new project intended to create a buzz, starting from this grassroots movement to something much bigger,” said Salewon. “My appetite for exploration has never been bigger and I can’t wait to share it.”

For more information and to listen to his music, please visit Stephen Salewon’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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