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Music Artist May 2016 Grazzhopper

Music Artist for May 2016: Grazzhopper

“Growing up in the country, I was heavily influenced by my surroundings and my family,” says Grazzhopper front man, Cody Brewer, of his inspiration and the heart of Grazzhopper’s sound. “My father and great grandfather instilled the basic building blocks of bluegrass and country and from that foundation I have developed a more complex sound from my later musical influences in the jam, folk and jazz scenes.”

Grazzhopper is a fusion of the best parts of bluegrass and folk. Varying from an acoustic duo to a full five-piece band, the bluesy, bluegrassy, folky sound only gains momentum as the repertoire expands and the enthusiasm grows. Though, Brewer is adamant that it doesn’t just stop at the music; it’s also about the atmosphere surrounding the show.

“We strive to create a festive atmosphere. Something you can dance to, but also dive into the depth of the lyrical content. It’s a live experience that’s going to be different every time you come and see it,” says Brewer. “I strive to put on more than just a show every time.”

Grazzhopper’s songs discuss everything from the trials and tribulations of life to the power of joy to the liberation of travel. “Each of my songs marks a period in my life, a piece of my journey that I want to place a stamp on,” notes Brewer.

Despite the continual evolution and growth of Grazzhopper, the heart, soul and voice of the band will always remain strong, honest and sincere.

For more information, please visit Grazzhopper’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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