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Music Artist May 2018 Allie Lauren Project

Music Artist for May 2018: The Allie Lauren Project

Curated by Lauren Nicole Clare, The Allie Lauren Project pays tribute to Lauren’s great-grandmother Allie and is a culmination of her classical piano background and her love of atmosphere and mood. Lauren has carefully crafted this sound into one that is void of genre and ripe with the setting of the poetry and mood of her headspace; it is, as she describes, “an evolving metamorphosis of expression”. Along the way, Lauren has formed what is now a collective of musicians to bring her creations to life in both live and recorded sessions. Currently touring are Lauren Nicole Clare (vocals, piano, acoustic), Jose Palacios (cello), Martyna Kolano (cello), Evan Crowley (electric guitar), Marcus Jackson (electric guitar), Michael Reece (set drums, electronics) & Dustin Ragland (rhythm, electronics.

“There are few things more meaningful to me as a songwriter than being able to perform in my hometown. It’s like arriving to perform in my living room with people who represent the things I hold most dear. I’m beyond proud of how the scene has grown over the years, and will always be proud to call myself an Okie,” said Clare.

Currently The Allie Lauren Project is finishing up work on their full length studio album set to debut this summer through HalBird Records.

For more information and to listen to her music, please visit The Allie Lauren Project’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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