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Music Artist November 2018 Jacob Tovar

Music Artist for November 2018: Jacob Tovar

Jacob Tovar is an Okie-grown musician bringing country music back to its roots. He sings impactful country classics, and writes and performs original tunes that tell stories with which everyone can relate. His distinctive crooning honkytonk vocals can haunt and enchant all in the same verse, as well as excite listeners to the edge of their seats, if not to two-steppin’! Since his debut album in August of 2015 (Jacob Tovar and the Saddle Tramps), he’s been spreading the Roots Country genre around the Midwest (and Europe) sharing bills with the likes of John Fullbright, Chris Stapleton, Junior Brown, Wayne the Train Hancock, Paul Benjaman and many more Tulsa Sound Natives.

“I’ve been a lot of places, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else right now as a musician with a family,” said Tovar. “Tulsa is growing as a powerhouse of music, arts, and commerce. The community of players around here (new and seasoned) invites others to join in, instead of competing to exclude. I’ve personally grown so much just from being put on the spot and in so many situations I would never have asked for, but were right in front of me, helping me develop skills and network. I’m proud to be a part of the live music scene here, and I look forward to growing with it!”

For more information and to listen to his music, please visit the Jacob Tovar’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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