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Music Artist for January 2018 Kyle Reid

Music Artist for January 2018: Kyle Reid

A mad scientist, a romantic, a jazz cat and a folk singer, Kyle Reid wears many hats. This Okie musician stands with one foot planted in the traditions of American roots music, and the other foot in a sonic laboratory of electronic and DIY sounds. This duality can be seen by comparing his 2014 release of “Alright, Here We Go…”, which featured the sounds of his New Orleans/ Gypsy Jazz band, The Low Swinging Chariots, to his upcoming 2018 album, “Love & Trust (…In the Age of St. Sugar Britches)”, which features original folk songs by Reid enveloped in his more experimental electronic sounds. Reid also utilizes his musical tendencies to produce records for other Okie artists. He has produced records for Jaxon Haldane, Ken Pomeroy, and recently Andy Adams’ new record, “Back to Square One”.

“I’m so lucky to have grown up around such a talented, supportive, and inclusive music scene in Oklahoma. Where it’s possible to see prophets of song at the local watering hole every night of the week. I find that I gain the most inspiration to write songs, practice guitar, learn something new about music, from the hard working musicians I interact with and see perform here on the local scene on a regular basis. It’s a scene that draws from the deep roots of Oklahoma musicians who came before, while driving creativity into the future. I can confidently say I haven’t found a musical community quite like this one anywhere else.”

After a brief stint in Kansas City, this Oklahoma musician is back in Norman and promoting his new album, “Love & Trust (…In the Age of St. Sugar Britches)”, with a Kickstarter campaign. Further details can be found here.

For more information and to listen to his music, please visit Kyle Reid’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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