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November 2017 Music Artist Andy Adams

Music Artist for November 2017: Andy Adams

Andy Adams is an Oklahoma City-based musician who has been performing around the city and state for over ten years. Vocally he possesses a wide spectrum of range and a variety of tone. Adams uses these aspects to add vivid and dramatic effect to enhance the mood and movement of the stories in his songs. In combination with his guitar work, this takes his narratives into enchanting tone poems. The authentic vocal commitment and scope of the narrative brings the listener out of the mundane and into a new world full of possibility. Adams’ guitar techniques incorporate the essential Delta Blues style with a definitive Americana slant into a modern tradition of folkie fusion. The expanse of the rhythm spans the distance between the thunk of a chain gangs chuck and the winds’ long kiss as it whispers in the willows on a sultry summer night. Many of his lyrical textures are literate self-contained accounts of everyday people with everyday problems with each composition complete in soul and story in its own personal universe. Some of Adams’ more personal songs are boldly romantic in this time of shallow detachment and project a serious understanding of the love that makes relationships function without stress. Adams is an attractive bundle of talent. He can stand with the best vocally, as well as, on guitar, bass and harmonica.

“Andy Adams is one of the best young writers, guitarists and singers in the Oklahoma music scene. His music is all his but it is born out of many hours listening to songwriters who have come before. He is a singular talent,” said Greg Johnson of The Blue Door.

“It’s refreshing to be able to go out any night of the week and find not only inspiration but camaraderie from the musicians in the Oklahoma Music Scene. It’s a fantastic community filled with a plethora of talented people that take ‘being a musician/songwriter’ very seriously. SO many folks trying to grow and get better and grow and get better. It has had great influence on me as a musician as well as a person,” said Adams.

For more information and to listen to his music, please visit Andy’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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