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August Music Artist Vonna Pearl

Music Artists for August 2017: Vonna Pearl

Founded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Vonna Pearl collects the musical talents of Taylor Johnson, Chelsey Cope and Chavez Soliz. Their first anticipated record beams with a modern alternative sound, while staying true to its indie/folk roots. Cope and Johnson’s vocals melt together in a project filled with addictive choruses, soothing acoustics, powerful guitars and a talented horns section.

“Just between Chelsey, Taylor, and myself, we have close to 40 years of experience playing music. Though we have played across the U.S., we truly enjoy being a part of the Oklahoma music scene. We really appreciate the support we’ve all received separately, and now with us all together on this project, everything has combined. It’s awesome when you’re excited about a project and then you see that your peers and friends in the scene are as well. We’re thrilled for the future around the nation, especially here in our home state,” said Chavez Soliz.

“I feel like most people outside of Oklahoma wouldn’t have the slightest clue what an eclectic group of people this state is home to. It’s pretty amazing how many truly talented players, songwriters, producers, etc. hang their hats in Oklahoma. I feel very fortunate to be recognized as part of it, and am honored to be around during this thriving time in Oklahoma music,” said Taylor Johnson.

For more information and to listen to their music, please visit Vonna Pearl’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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