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Music Artist June 2016 Castle Row Studios

Music Artists for June 2016: Castle Row Studio

Located just minutes from the heart of Downtown Oklahoma City sits Castle Row Studios. This 10,600 square foot facility boasts 3 recording studios, a live performance venue, as well as numerous multi-purpose production rooms.

Designed by Steven Durr of Steven Durr Designs in Nashville,TN, Castle Row Studios features the only SSL9000J console in the state as well as one of the most amazing tracking rooms in the U.S, known as Studio A. This console paired with our Custom Steven Durr Design monitors make this one of the best mix rooms in the region. Above Studio A sits the space formerly known as Woodside Studios. Now known as Studio B, this room is a perfect band studio; paired with a 60 input Neve V3 console. This room is nothing but vibe!  Down below in Studio C sits a clean Avid C24 for all of your in-the-box needs. With our wide range of studio options, no project is too big or too small here at Castle Row.

“When the day of the [“Gosnell” scoring] session was wrapped up, [the composer and arranger] were blown away at the skill and professionalism of our Oklahoma players. They were thrilled to leave here with the product they received. Everyone was on point. They left here with the attitude of ‘we are going home to tell all of our friends about scoring in Oklahoma,’” said Castle Row Studios’ Chief Engineer Garret Starks.

For more information, please visit Castle Row Studios’ listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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