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Music Artist June 2020 Cavern Company

Music Artists for June 2020: Cavern Company

Indie alternative tune-smiths Cavern Company are like an epiphany induced by a sugar high. The band effortlessly combines instant gratification with the kind of real substance that can only come from honesty. With music that is exceptionally well- and deliberately-crafted, the trio achieves a sound that is at once mature and also emotionally resonant. Hooky earworms and catchy melodies convey contemplative reflections by design. The band strives for a timeless and iconic, yet immediately accessible sound. They achieve that goal in spades, over and over again.

In the spring of 2015, during college, longtime friends and musical collaborators Kole McLaren and Joshua Warren met Zach Shomaker and began to experiment with sounds that at first seemed musically disparate. After a year underground, however, a fresh sound was created alongside something even more important to the members; a shared conviction that music plays a profound role in the human experience and allows one to both discover and express oneself. Thus formed Cavern Company, the band whose mission is to have a sound that is not just heard but felt. They aim to make music full of hope and truth that might get others through the times like the ones music has allowed them to endure.

The band’s live show is a vital expression of everything the band stands for. It is an integral piece of their relationship with their audience. Since releasing their debut E.P., Tension, in 2017, the band has been playing festivals and sold out shows in and around their stomping grounds in Oklahoma. The follow up singles, one released in each season of 2018, have been collected in a release called “So This is Happiness”, which released in May of 2019.

“Time and again, the Oklahoma arts community has shown itself to be one of incredible love and support, with deadCenter Film Festival’s acceptance of our latest music video being the most recent example,” said Warren. “This community cares, and we’re excited to continue working on our debut album right here in OKC, with a Kickstarter launch to come in August.”

The band is currently performing across the Midwest and hopes to see you at their shows.

For more information about Cavern Company and to listen to their music, visit their listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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