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Music Artist November 2019 Bottom of the Barrel

Music Artists for November 2019: The Bottom of the Barrel

The Bottom of the Barrel is the perfect blend of bluegrass, Americana, and outlaw country. Featuring Justin Modjeski (vocals/lead guitar), Kasey Dillon (vocals/guitar/fiddle), Kenneth Morrow (vocals/upright bass), and Derek Davison (Rhythm), The Bottom of the Barrel is a small group that makes a tremendous impact.

Their signature sound comes from their driving, acoustic instrumentals and their powerhouse three part harmonies. They perform a large catalog of original songs that cover the entire range of emotional and mental spectrum that derive from years of being part of the hard working class of America. Drinking songs, heartbreak tunes, and celebrations of being alive (despite their best efforts) make their music one of a kind.

“When I was growing up in Oklahoma, I never thought that the music scene would become what it is today” says Kasey Dillon, one of The Bottom of the Barrel’s main songwriters. “There is a tremendous community of incredible musicians and songwriters. I have traveled all over the country, but it was only when I came back home to Oklahoma that I found my bandmates, and where we found our unique, special sound. We’re excited to continue growing and thriving in our Oklahoma community.”

Although they’ve only been performing together for a little under a year, The Bottom of the Barrel has made a huge splash in the Oklahoma City music scene. They’ll be releasing their premiere album in early 2020, but you can hear their songs live at their upcoming live shows.

For more information and to listen to their music, please visit The Bottom of the Barrel’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

Upcoming shows:
November 1st – JJ’s Alley Bricktown Pub
November 2nd – The Bluebonnet Bar
November 17th – The Lost Highway
November 29th – The Union

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