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Music Artist October 2020 Latin Mojo Band

Music Artists for October 2020: Latin Mojo Band

Latin Mojo Band is a five-piece salsa, cumbia, pop rock and Latin jazz band powerhouse composed of some of Oklahoma City’s most talented musicians who is one of the top sought-after Latin music bands in the area.

“The visibility of the Latin Mojo Band in Oklahoma City has taken the musical group to perform at some of the most important festivals and prestigious events in the region and we are just getting started.”

With the band’s members coming from different corners of the world, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the United States, this effervescent and charismatic band draws on their rich tradition to produce commanding musical presentations full of life, spirit and energy. The band was created with the intention of representing the many styles of music found in South America, Central America, Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean.

Founded in 2019 in Oklahoma City by percussionist Armando Rivera and bass player Edgar Salazar, Latin Mojo Band was created with the intent to channel the growing divide between music and dance. The group aims to motivate and inspire people to build communities and understanding through the sharing of music, dance and Latin American culture.

“The Latino community has always had a positive impact on the landscape and economy of the State of Oklahoma. The Latin community, consisting of multiple cultures, traditions and food, has one common thread – music! Music brings everyone together.”

Genres of music include salsa, merengue, cumbia, samba, rock, Spanish pop and the latest top 40 songs. The Latin Mojo Band takes popular mainstream music and turns them into their own style to make each song unique while maintaining the integrity of each piece. The band is always exploring other genres and pushing their musical talents so as to not become stagnant.

More than just a great live band, Latin Mojo Band can also provide salsa dance lessons. For additional flair, professional Latin dancers can be provided on request. Latin Mojo Band will customize every experience for you. If you want a sizzling party atmosphere performance that will get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor and make your event one to remember, book Latin Mojo Band today. Saborrrrr!!!

For more information about Latin Mojo Band and to listen to their music, visit their listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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