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Music Artist November 2015 Nicnos

Music Artists of November 2015: Nicnos

Nicnos delivers a powerful live show exuding high energy, strong vocals and talented instrumentation that intrigues the audience and attracts all ages. This five-piece band from Oklahoma City originated in 2009 and has a promising horizon as they reach new heights in the coming year. Their unique blend of rock and blues is showcased on their current album, Nicnōs, with their second album, Nicnōs II, coming out January 2016. Nicnōs has toured the nation and played with REO Speedwagon, FUEL, .38 Special, The Revivalists and more.

The band has created a school program, Music to Your Peers, to keep music education alive. The band hopes to bring a concert atmosphere to school auditoriums with an overall message that motivates students to be successful and work hard to accomplish their dreams.

“We are proud to positively impact students and support music education in Oklahoma with our new program, Music to Your Peers,” said Blake Parks, fiddle player for Nicnos.

For more information, please visit the band’s listing in the Oklahoma Music Directory.

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