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Location December 2016, Medicine Park

Featured Location for December 2016: Medicine Park

The round red rocks dotting the tiny picturesque town of Medicine Park have earned the area its distinction of being known as “America’s cobblestone community”. The fascinating history of Medicine Park can be traced back to the Plains Indians who were well-acquainted with this quiet oasis long before its time as a colorful resort town attracting celebrities, gangsters, politicians and journalists. The cobblestones, a native geological phenomenon of the area, are found in most structures and imbue the town with its distinctive look. Privately-owned houses like the Westlake estate can provide filmmakers a unique setting for their story and direct access to a number of locations in the area including the scenic trails of Medicine Creek and Bath Lake, the stunning vistas of the surrounding Wichita Mountains and the quaint bevy of cottages, cabins, fine dining and unique shopping establishments which line the town’s center.

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